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Born into a family that wanted an engineering or medical degree from their son, Chadi “Falfoul” Sleiman had to struggle to follow his dream - to learn the practices of the food & beverage trade and the techniques of cooking from the most prestigious gastronomic figures. His passion was always the driving force.

He studied Culinary Engineering at l’Ecole Hoteliére de Toulouse in France. He then interned and worked at the infamous Prince de Galles Hotel in Paris, France and was invited to be a part of the opening team of the prestigious Phoenicia Intercontinental and Mzar Intercontinental hotels in Lebanon, hopping onto opportunities in Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen, Bahrain and India, a whirlwind of top tier jobs and cultural experiences that cemented his passion for gastronomy and Lebanese cuisine in particular.

Chadi decided to return to Lebanon and SAWANI! FALFOUL, a unique concept inspired by his grandmother's traditional cooking techniques and Chadi’s love of today’s modern street food, opened its doors for the first time in November 2017.

Chadi is hands-on. He selects ingredients with love and care at local markets - vegetables, meats, condiments - they have to be the very best. He trains his staff, old and new, continuously. He shares his passion of a new vision for Lebanese cuisine with his guests and anyone else who will listen, rambling on about twists to traditional recipes, cooking secrets and tales of his thousand and one crispy adventures over the years. Chadi has quickly whipped up a cult following with influencers and bloggers raving about his creation and television shows featuring him regularly, praising the great path that Sawani Falfoul is charting for itself.

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Sawani Falfoul Concept

SAWANI FALFOUL CONCEPT Sawani Falfoul merges traditional Lebanese cuisine with a modern edge and focuses on three main dishes - Falafel, Fatteh and Foul. It is NOT fusion food, it is reengineered. It starts with local, traditional dishes being revisited and rethought in a fresh, contemporary way. Great examples include Fatteh Sfiha, Fatteh Shish Barak and the dessert Creme Brulée Halawa; all have traditional roots with wonderful contemporary interpretations. Chadi works closely with his team of trusted fellow chefs to look at each and every ingredient, how it can be enhanced, removed or replaced. The ideas are put to the test, a grueling feat that requires hours of research with guests and adjustments thereafter, then “Voila!”, a certified product is rolled out.

All dishes are prepared with love and generosity, heartfelt authenticity and fresh local produce, while personalizing each plate whenever needed to cater to guests’ specific tastes and dietary requirements; yes, we're flexible.

An iconic element in Sawani Falfoul is El Arabeh ( (4s5a3!or “The Trolley”, generously loaded with a variety of fresh and pickled vegetables, herbs an condiments from which customers can choose and fill up on as much as they desire.

Open 24/7, Sawani Falfoul is now the go to place for a quick breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or late-night snack for young, old, residents, foreigners, vegetarians, carnivores, nearby workers and night owls; EVERYONE is welcome.

The flavors of the land, simple yet rich and nourishing and the warm, generous welcome of Chef Chadi and his team will bring you to a magical experience of flavors and emotions woven through the centuries and brought bang up to date.


To expand around the world and build awareness about our home country’s cuisine, It’s deliciousness and its health benefits. We take you back to the roots, when taste was natural; eggs and vegetables were handpicked, and there was no worry about excessive gluten, coloring, pesticides and preservatives.

The ultimate goal is to have Sawani Falfoul come to mind worldwide when someone thinks of Lebanese cuisine.


ما تقول فول إلا من عند فلفول!

Don't say foul, unless it's from Falfoul! To spread the positive aspects of Lebanon's culture and value through its food while promoting the importence of local, organic produce devoid of preservatives and the benefits of supporting local farmers, markets and businesses.

To make Lebanese cuisine even more accessible worldwide by opening in major cities across the globe with a menu that is easy, fun, delicious and healthy.

To showcase Lebanese street food in a contemporary and fresh way.

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